Hi, I’m a DIY Marketer, Indie Maker and Writer

I'm Varun and I live and work in Bengaluru, KA.

I’m a 22 year old entrepreneur, engineer and author to start off with. I’m mostly self-taught, because I believe in learning by rapid experimentation. And sometimes when I don’t know how to do things, I make friends who help me do it. KISS. (Keep it simple, stupid).

About this space

This my kingdom here on the internet. All opinions are my own, and the domain are my coordinates and everything I write here is the constitution. It’s my brain dump.

A section of this website is dedicated to my scholarly articles and essays. You’ll find posts around culture, life, marketing and entrepreneurship. I write pretty regularly, and feel free to let me know your opinions too. I may not be wildly active on social media, but I’m definitely very responsive.

Professional Philosophy & Credentials

I prefer the indie way of starting up.

This means complete DIY and being self-funded. It goes like this: you pick a side project, and then scale it up, and maybe it becomes a real, unique company. I prefer having end-to-end control and knowing anything I have a stake in by the pulse.

I take everything with a pinch of salt, and believe in being nimble. My rocky journey so far in the business world has taught me to stay humble at all times. There’s nothing bigger than that.

So when you work with me, expect proactiveness and the best tools and ideas at your disposal, 7 days a week.

As you would’ve guessed by now, this isn’t a cold, calculated speech with sinister overtones, it’s my high minded ambition that doesn’t trade in cliches.

I don’t see my life as going from cradle to cubicle and so I’m taking my time to explore my curiosity and creativity. Building new things that require taking a step back, to understand what inspires me and match that with what the world needs.

That’s the plan.


2018 :

President, Business Development, Monolith Industries Limited

Founder and CEO, WiseWords Interactive Studio Private Limited

Creative Director, GoSiter Studios Inc

Associate, Content & Marketing, Applied Singularity

2017 :

Founder and CEO, WiseWords Interactive Studio Private Limited

COO, StartupBro

Global GoodWill Ambassador Award

2016 :

Co-founder and Operations Head, WiseWords Digital Solutions LLP

Freelancer, content and marketing, Fiverr.com

Author, Miracle-preneuring


Undergraduation :

Bachelor’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering, Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, VTU (2019)

Final Year project on Fabrication and Testing of coir-epoxy resin based roof for bus stop

Software learnt: CATIA, Ansys, Creo and Solid Edge

Papers on:
Algorithm Trading: the next big thing in trading
Entrepreneurship: A State of Mind
Internet of Things: Past, Present and what is coming next
Relevance of traditional marketing techniques with digital marketing
Work life balance approach using technology

Completed workshop on Theory of Constraints and a subject elective on Cloud Computing

Pre-University :

Studied Physics, Chemistry, Math and Electronics at Jain University

School :

Cambridge Public School (Pearson Schooling)

Completed courses in English from the Trinity College of London, with distinction.

You know me well-enough now, and I’d love to know you better and explore synergies. I’m available for freelance and contract based work in the areas of marketing and content writing.